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BF Series:
BF 2142
BF 3

Medal of Honor:

MoH (PB Version)
Allied Assault

Call of Duty:
CoD 2
CoD 4


America's Army 2
Rainbow Six
Joint ops
Left 4 Dead
Counter Strike: Source

This list only represents supported games in regard to issuance of TSA Badges.

If the game you're looking for isn't listed, that just means you cannot apply for a badge under that game.

We'll be more than willing to help you, even if your game isn't supported for a badge.



Officially launched on January 1st 2003, this website will allow clans, server admins and indivdual players to register themselves as "cheat free". The purpose of this website is to provide a means for anyone to register themselves and announce their "cheat free" status to other players, clans or server admins, in fact anyone in the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat community. In order to register your "cheat free" status, you will need to create an account. Please click on the "Registration" link in the top right corner of the site. This is quick, easy and should take less than a minute. Please note that, although you are able to join immediately, email addresses are verified and false addresses will result in the account being deleted. After you have registered, and you wish to be listed as a "Trusted Server Admin" Please click the link in the Forums that says TSA Application! You can see the current list of registered TSAs by clicking the "Badge" links on the left. Clans wanting to register will need to read the article below Adding your clan or server. We want to create a community of like minded people here so, if you see someone online with the [CP] logo whilst you're playing a PB protected game, just say Hi! We would also recommend that you read the FAQ's as these give far more information than is included here. P.S. Please don't forget to bookmark this site.

The Cheat Police Code of Conduct

It is important that members of the Cheat Police [CP] follow and understand our Code of Conduct. This will ensure that players can be guaranteed a "cheat free" game. Our code of conduct is simple:

For Individuals: You agree that, whilst playing PB protected games that we support, you will not cheat.

For Clans: You agree that, whilst playing PB protected games that we support, you will not cheat and that, furthermore, as the leader of your clan you will not allow your clan members to cheat. If a clan member is reported to us or any other Anti-Cheat community as cheating, and this can subsequently be proven, we will require you to expell that clan member or risk expulsion of the whole clan.

For Server admins: You agree that, where possible, you will monitor your servers and kick any player caught cheating. You are REQUIRED to make sure PunkBuster is INSTALLED and UP TO DATE.

Please note: Any Officer, Staff or TSA of the Cheat Police caught cheating faces immediate expulsion with no exceptions!

Arresting a Cheat

We have no problem with posting the names of cheaters on this site and providing you with the i.p. addresses - it's what the site is here for! In order to do this we rely on our membership. This means you are always an active member of the cheat police. In order to "arrest" a cheater you need only mail a screenshot of the cheat committing an offence. Server admins should also be able to provide i.p. addresses. Not sure how to get a screen shot? See Faqs for instructions. Report your cheat to UXO-VS- OR DeadSnipe. We are developing a special forum for posting Screen Shots from the public eye.

The benefits of becoming an TSA of the Cheat Police

Whatever your standing in the PunkBuster community, as an TSA of the Cheat Police you are given a "Badge" to post on your site. As more players become aware of who and what the cheat police are, it is less likely that other players will cheat whilst there is an TSA of the cheat police on the server. You also get the benefit of a list of "cheat free" servers, an active community through this website and news and opinions on what is going on in the PunkBuster Community.

The Cheat Police Governing Council (Staff, Officers, Deputy Chief, and Chief of Police)

All bodies require some sort of council to oversee them and the Cheat Police has a governing council made up of a maximum of 15 various members of the PunkBuster community. From individual players and clan leaders to server admins, their role is to vote on the membership of the Cheat Police and steer the project to keep it moving it forwards. A council member may be contacted from time to time and asked to vote on issues raised and suggestions made.

Adding your clan or server

Please note that we are receiving a large number of applications requesting addition to the site. A good portion of these are having to be declined because they do not contain sufficient information. If you wish to add your clan please COMPLETELY fill out your application with ALL of the required information. You will receive a "Welcome" Email with instructions. Please confirm that you have added your Cheat Police badge to your site. We WILL be checking this - many thanks. UXO-VS- "Chief Of Police

Mission Statment

Our mission is first and foremost to assist server admins and owners in providing a cheat free level playing field for their servers and those that visit their servers. Secondly to provide a common meeting grounds where server admins/owners can share their knowledge with each other to better assist the gaming community making it as cheat free as possible.

Let's bring tcp back!

Dec 20, 2013 - 9:39 PM - by UXO-VS-
It's time to bring TCP back to life people! Log in, chat up the forums, get your servers streaming! Come on people! Let's show the world that TCP is STILL here!

Site Issues

Jun 04, 2013 - 9:20 PM - by UXO-VS-
I am aware of an issue with the navbar where tabs are overlapping each other. I am working on a solution and hope to have it resolved soon.

The problem was caused by the last update of vBulletin, the forum software we use.

Happy birthday tcp!!!

Jan 05, 2013 - 6:18 PM - by UXO-VS-

To celebrate the 10th birthday of TCP, we are going LIVE with Tournaments! The exact date is to be announced. We still need to build the rules and requirements of the Tournament, but I can tell you this, the tourneys will be OPEN to ALL TSAs of TCP. You MUST be CURRENT with your TSA badge information!

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» Impersonator

I have received a couple of complaints about a player going into MOH:AA servers CLAIMING to be from The Cheat Police. This player is being rude, abusive, ignorant, and a general pain in the ass.

I assure you ALL, this player is NOT associated with The Cheat Police in any way shape or form.

He is trying to use the tag of either (CP) or [CP]

I ask you ALL to block any version of that tag from your servers and ban this player as well. My Officers and Staff are do NOT wear this tag when they check or play in servers. And due to copyright and trademark laws, only 5 people on my staff are authorized to use the CP tag.

A NOTE TO USERS WITH PUNKBUSTER ENABLED GAMES, [CP] IS a protected tag. If you update your tag protection scripts regularly, then you need not worry about this. ONLY the Officers of The Cheat Police have the information to use the tag.

» Stop Cheats

Tell Game Developers to take action.
Sign the petition!

Stop-Cheats.com is requesting your help in spreading the word about a very important issue regarding cheating in online gaming. It is a fact that Game Developers could file law suits against those who publish multiplayer cheats, because the creation and publication of cheats is illegal. If they did you would see a quick elimination of online cheating. It's time we told Game Developers and Publishers exactly how we feel about their lack of initiative.

Lets get the 1 million signatures needed to make Game Developers motivated to do something.

Funded By: www.Stop-Cheats.com
Supported By: Votes of Support from: www.AdminRequest.com, www.TheCheatPolice.com, www.MOHForesight.com, www.redsack.com, www.HackHunters.com, www.global-banlist.com, www.EvoSoft-acp.com, www.PBSSBANS.com and www.HackHunters.com
Please post the following banners on your website and in your forum.

Signature, Forum and/or Home Page Banner: 440k

160 Pixels Wide: 250k

120 Pixels Wide: 178k

120 Pixels Wide: 6k, no animation

Please copy and post this message in your clan's forum, in gaming community forums, where ever you can think that gamers go. Thanks!

» TCP Staff

Chief of Police:

[CP] Deputy Chief
[CP] DeadSnipe

[CP] Officers:
[CP] CrAnKsTeR

[CP] Staff:
[CP] G3N3R4L

[CP] Junior Staff:

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